Get the most bang for your … lifetime

Your Soul is
uniquely wired.
uniquely gifted.
uniquely powerful.
uniquely brilliant.

What if you clearly understood the important aspects of that unique brilliance, and how to naturally harness your Soul strengths in all you’re creating in this life—

—your passions, creativity, career, relationships, transitions, and more?

What could you do—and how much more quickly could you do it—if you knew the energetic makeup of your Soul and understood your innate gifts, dominant energies, and what kind of universal fuel was constantly flowing to you, specifically—fuel to naturally be, do, and embody specific gifts and aspects of your Soul for different areas of your life, work, and play?

What if you understood those most natural ways of Being for your infinite Soul, so you could lean into that flow as you choose the life you want to create this time around?

What if your Soul had a specific recipe for success—a set of approaches that create ease and flow in the process of change; whenever you’re in the midst of

  • upleveling an area of your life

  • creating something new and/or different

  • seeking or creating more aligned relationships, at work, at home, and at play

  • finally shifting into more purposeful living, in alignment with your truth, passions, and Desires

  • choosing or creating your next career step

  • manifesting abundance in any other way

What if you could find out the energetic root of the thing(s) that have repeatedly kept you from stepping into that flow of alignment, so you could acknowledge and release it holistically through powerful, intentional, specific action?

All of this is possible, of course—why else would I be writing about it? (Haha)

This is a big part of the work I’m doing with clients now, based in transpersonal guidance and coaching in alignment with their Akashic Records.

I recorded a short video to chat more about this—


In this initial package, you’ll receive:

  • A 90-minute Akashic Records reading (via Zoom audio/video call) with the above information

  • Energetic and 3D clearing work/assignments for any patterns that come up for clearing in your Records at the present time—helping you anchor in your alignment experience and “play” with the new ideas that result from the influx of aligned energy you’ve invited in… the perfect recipe to facilitate ease + flow as you start experiencing new results

  • A 45-minute intuitive/transpersonal coaching session (via Zoom audio/video) within 2-3 weeks after your initial session. Here, we’ll debrief your experience, coach through what this process has unearthed for you, access your Records live for any questions or feedback you’d like, and choose your perfect next steps to keep things going in the direction you Desire!

If you’ve found your way here and this resonates with you, trust yourself and take action. Move forward. Don’t overthink this or wait.

On the other hand, if this isn’t calling to you—please don’t sign up. Either way, trust yourself and your inner guidance. You know what’s best for you, and what your best next step is. Tune into your inner wisdom, and act from there.

If this is for you, I so look forward to connecting with you.




The reviews are rolling in… will yours be next?


“An old limiting belief I learned from my mother was something I felt I’d been slowly chipping away at for decades. In the middle of our call, as Stan explained the basis of this experience, it felt like a huge energetic mass—that I experienced as a giant mound of ice—literally shattered.”

Souzzann Zink, California, U.S.A.

While this work is highly energetic, it’s also highly practical. Things we’ve been working on or dealing with for years, become clearer, understood, and “shiftable.” The energetic clearing work we do within your Akashic Records provides a powerful influx of Energy that fully supports you in releasing your blocks and restrictions, and facilitating powerful momentum as you choose new aligned actions.


“What I loved about the session is, although I am not ‘sure’ we have past lives—it might be so and it might not be so—Stan invited me into the session with that inquisitive mind, and by that he allowed me to open up to a new part of me.”

Rijke Shakti, Netherlands

No matter where you are on your journey of understanding life, incarnations, the “afterlife,” or the like, you are welcome here. All that’s required is an open mind and a willingness to allow your mind and Soul to have some playtime. What would it mean for you if this were true? How could this support you in creating new life experiences? What would be possible?


“Stan was extremely clear, compassionate, and present in my session. I was concerned prior to the session that I might find some of the information outside my way of thinking about my experiences before this lifetime. I was delighted to find the information Stan shared to be specific, congruent with own perspective of challenges in my childhood, and wonderfully relevant and impactful.”

Souzzann Zink, California, U.S.A.

Know that I uphold you, always, as a Divine Being with conscious free will and choice, and am uniquely wired to create and meet you in a fully affirming, inclusive space, where you can feel free to relax, dream, open up in ways you haven’t before, and Be in your Divine power and creativity in new, exciting, exhilarating ways.



This offer will only be available until July 31st (at the latest—when the slots fill up, I’ll take this down).

Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to book your sessions. I’ll also need a quick reply from you in order to prep your session, so check your email inboxes / spam box / etc. within a few minutes of purchase and ensure you get the confirmation (and send your reply).

Be sure to add my address to your Contacts and mark it as “important” so you don’t miss future emails, appointment reminders, etc.

Again—thank you for taking this step forward, and for being tuned in to your Soul and Path enough to make this beautiful alignment take place. I look forward to connecting more soon!

+ Stan +
Soul Realignment® Practitioner
Intuitive Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner
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