It's not about me, it's not about you—or is it?

This life of nonconformance—this greater purpose to which we are all called—isn’t just about us as individuals (and yet it is).

Therein lies the paradox—one of many that make up our perfect universe.

At the same time—

  • there is no “us vs. them” or “me vs. you” — there is only “us” — we are all One

    ∞ and ∞

  • who you are, individually, uniquely, is absolutely imperative to explore, if the “us” that we are creating is ever going to be as rich and vibrant as we Desire.

Because… our world, our communities, our families, our Universe, needs the fullness of who we are, and…

…we cannot discover and embody that fullness unless we take the time to release all the pressures to conform and Be who we are…

…in our lives

…in our relationships

…in our careers

…in our creativity, passions, and most inspired moments.

Who we are in each moment continuously adds our very specific energy to everything around us: how we are experiencing life and our day, how our conversations go, what we bring to our relationships and work, all of it.

And we are all infinitely creative and powerful to shift and create that energy however we choose.

Conformance gives us some very specific default settings—and we can choose to shift, change, amplify or discard any of it.

It starts by going within.