What you don't see is everything

Most of us like knowing what's going on—being "in the know," being the first to know, being the person to share news for the first time with others... 

We also tend to dislike being caught off-guard in negative ways, or finding something out—something we "should" have already known—and feeling sheepish or ignorant as a result.

It can be pretty evident that a lot of us have, holistically or from time to time, lost the ability to simply be curious, be in that energy of childlike wonder and discovery, be open to new discoveries, possibilities, learning, and expansion.

The Truth is, everything is spiritual—everything. No exceptions. Everything has its beginnings in the nonphysical before we see or experience it here with our physical senses. We are creating, experiencing, and working with energy in the nonphysical every moment of every day with our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, intentions, autopilot settings, actions, and the like—whether consciously or unconsciously. 

There are Universal-Spiritual Laws at work—similar to the Law of Gravity—and we use each of them throughout our days and lives—again, whether consciously or unconsciously. Whether you know about, understand, or focus on the Law of Gravity or not, when you jump up, you’re going to come back down. It just is.

Same goes for Universal Laws. Take, for instance, the Law of Rhythm. This basically means that as everything is in motion, that motion is a pendulum swing. The tide comes in and goes out. The markets rise and they fall. Our relationships ebb and flow. Everything is constantly swinging back and forth, and this effects how we understand and engage with ourselves and the cycles in our lives.

While everything is happening on a pendulum swing, there are also ways to shift our experience of those swings, by rising above and taking up the position of simultaneously experiencing and observing it from a place of detached involvement. This drastically effects how we experience that pendulum swing, and the degree to which we allow ourselves to be victim to it or co-creator of the experience surrounding it.

Regardless of your spirituality, religion, or lack thereof, these laws and principles are constantly at work in and around our lives and everything we experience. We have the innate capabilities to connect with our Higher Selves and Source in order to engage more deeply and intimately with these Truths in ways that drastically change how we co-create and experience every aspect of this lifetime.

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