transpersonal Coaching

Learn about who you are at Soul level so you can take positive action to align with that Truth—intentionally create your life from that space—and know how to do it over and over again.

Learning the art of nonconformance isn’t just about letting go of all the ways we’ve allowed ourselves to conform to external circumstances and the desires of others… although that’s a big chunk of it.

The other, more powerful aspect of it, is actually about conformance.

It’s about learning and having a clear picture of who you are, at Soul-level, and consciously choosing to conform to your own unique life blueprint, path, and purpose.

There are lots of ways we learn about who we are; ways we can connect with our inner Being and Guidance, feel into our personal Truths, Desires, and purpose.

And there are also other supportive methods that help us do that.

In Transpersonal Coaching with Stan, you get the most unique, tailored experience to understand—

  • Your specific Soul’s unique energetic makeup

  • How you’re uniquely wired to create/manifest in this lifetime and experience your own Divinity (passion, fulfillment, abundance in mind, body, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and vocation)

  • Additional spiritual tools (with highly practical applications) you can access in order to choose your most aligned paths and intentionally create your most holistically fulfilled life

As a professional coach, metaphysical practitioner, and Soul Realignment® practitioner, Stan guides you through an individualized journey of healing, alignment, and expansion that involve holistic modalities including meditation, Quantum healing, Akashic Records, intuitive coaching, and more.

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