NonConformance Coaching

Conforming just isn't your style.

Maybe it was for a while, maybe it's worked for you in certain areas (it can have its benefits)—but enough is enough.

You actually don't have to do it their way.

You don't have to conform to societal norms, gender norms, artistic norms, leadership norms, or any other "norms."

It's time to be you.

You're here for some specific reasons and you've got incredible stuff to do—in your own unique, creative way.

Whether you're:

  • at a career crossroads and considering taking the leap to something that more aligns with your passions and purpose

  • ready for your creative breakthrough

  • wanting to more fully discover and integrate your authentic Self into all aspects of life

  • wanting to find a spirituality that works for you and supports you here and now

  • tired of feeling like the life you're living is not your own coaching is a great way to help bring your life into alignment, flow, and a state of passionate fulfillment.



The creators of our world are changing everything. They're creating and contributing art in its many forms as we co-create our lives and cultures. Whether you identify as a creative in the traditional sense, or you just know you're a creative being intent on releasing the passionate awesomeness within, creative coaching can help facilitate more openness and creative freedom than you've ever experienced. Click here to apply for a complimentary Clarity Call.



No matter what religion or tradition (or lack thereof) you come from, spirituality is an integral aspect of who we are as human beings. Finding and creating a spirituality that works and is supportive for you as an individual can lay the strong foundation needed for becoming your full, nonconformant Self. If your spirituality or religion doesn't support you, is it serving its purpose? How do you co-create a spiritual experience that both accomplishes this and honors the tradition you've chosen in ways that feel right to you? How do you fully deal with teachings and doctrine that have been unsupportive or damaging in your life? Click here to apply for  a complimentary Clarity Call.



Whether you're a current or aspiring leader, civilian or military, leading Self, a few, or thousands, being in touch with your Real Self and the strengths of who you are can radically shift your leadership ability and influence. When we are in alignment with our Real Self and intent upon leading and making decisions from a place of consciousness (rather than fear or anxiety), we can radically shift the culture and trajectory of the organizations and people we lead. Click here to apply for a complimentary Clarity Call.

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