Kick Conformity to the Curb


The world needs you. You need you.

Not the "you" you've felt compelled to be; not the "you" you've been told you're "supposed" to be; not just the "you" you've felt safe being; not the "you" you're obligated to be; not just the "you" people depend on.

I'm talking about the you that's the completely passionate you. The you that simultaneously brings you the most love, joy, and fulfillment, and also scares the shit out of you when you think about whether or not it's possible to fully explore, develop, and employ the deepest passions and creativity inherent in that "you."

What could that mean? What would that look like? How would your life change? Only you know and can make that decision—from within yourself.

Your creative self.

Your entrepreneurial self.

Your expressive self.

Your artistic self.

Your world-changing self.

Your high-impact self.

Your truest self who knows you're meant for more that what other people see right now; your ready-to-explode-with-passionate-creativity-right-now self.

Your biggest, boldest most open self.

If you're ready to step into more of your being and do the work to bring your #RealLiveSelf to life, send me a message using the form below.

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