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Keynotes, Workshops, & Training

This isn’t your typical diversity & inclusion training or talk.

Allow your team or organization the opportunity to walk away with a more expansive view of inclusion and diversity than they even realized was possible, specifically highlighting the intersections of sex, gender, and sexuality, fueled by an undercurrent of individual spirituality. Transformative inclusion can help bring people together, expand your table, and allow your team to innovate from depths not yet tapped.

Stan is inspiring, fun, relatable, and loves no-holds-barred Q&A. Understand the separate and distinct spectrums of sex, gender, and sexual orientation, and how individual spirituality plays a key role in how we engage with the people around us, whether you’re a fundamentalist, an atheist, or anywhere else on the spectrum of spiritual expression. Stan caters his talks to your group drawing from a vast library of knowledge and experiences, co-creating the experience with your participants in each moment.

Conscious Leader Coaching

Conscious leaders know there’s more life available—for all, not just some. Those of us who are aware of the opportunities for expansion also have a responsibility to intentionally seek it out, starting with alignment with our Soul and unique purpose in this lifetime. As we fully engage with our purpsoe and strengths at Soul-level, everything else falls into place and becomes more clear. Powerful action completes the circuit as we begin to live and lead from our greatest passions and purpose. Stan guides 1:1 clients through coaching sessions and deeply spiritual processes that revision holistic foundations for growth and development, personally and professionally.