Career Crossroads

ever get the feeling this isn't your life?

You've got a "great" career—the one "a million girls would die for"—but it's just not... right.

Wondering how long you can keep up what you're keeping up?

Burning the candle at both ends?

Tired, worn out, burned out? 

Lost that "loving feeling" about your job—or maybe never had it to begin with?

Feel something different—or bigger—or more creative—calling from within?

Having little arguments with yourself, saying things like,

"I can't quit this job—there are too many variables."

"I make good money; I'd be an idiot to leave."

"I could never do what I really want to and maintain my lifestyle."

"It's too risky."

"It's not a good time."

"I hate my job, but it pays the bills." 

What would it be like for you to wake up every morning, looking forward to your day? To be excited about what you'll be doing, and who you'll be doing it with?

What if you could totally shift your current experience at work, and finally stop calling it "my soul-sucking job"?

And what if you could:

decrease and eliminate stress

improve relationships (work and personal)

be happier

have more fun

feel your highest passions regularly—regardless of how long they've been eluding you

finally make a decision—once and for all—about how you're going to incorporate (or not) all those things that energize and thrill you into your life

start and enjoy dreaming again

embrace and be confident in your full, Real Self—even those parts of you that you're currently hiding

Finally kick conformity to the curb.

Do you believe this is possible?

Do you think it could be possible?

I have a new coaching program that will help you get there, and get you to finally do the work you know you need to do—to look at all this, get clear on who you are and what you're supposed to be doing, and decide how you want to integrate it into your life—whether by

totally changing careers,

making a smaller shift,

learning how de-stress your workplace, ditch the draining energy there, and free yourself up to focus your energy on your passions elsewhere,

burning it all down and starting over,

or something else entirely.

Your options are limitless.

So—click here to schedule your complimentary Career Crossroads Clarity Call (C4). We'll dig into some of this together, I'll give you the experience of a transformative coaching session with me, and if we're both totally energized by the session and it's a "hell yes I want to do more of this" for both of us, I'll share more about the program and how we might be able to do that.

If it's not an enthusiastic "hell yes" from either of us, you've still got a lot of great stuff you're walking away with—stuff that could potentially change your entire experience of life right now.

But—this isn't for everyone.

This is only for you if you're truly feeling that crossroads approaching, or if you've found yourself standing right in the middle of it.

You're in conflict. You've experienced "success" and have its external trappings but the internals don't match.

You're done with the status quo. You're done with allowing these unmade decisions and questions to loom over you while you grind it out at a job or career you have no desire to continue in—at least not the way it feels right now. 

You want more out of your life. You want to make a difference. You want to operate in your strengths, passions, and purpose. You want to be and do all you're meant to be and do.

You're committed to changing your experience, and you're ready to invest in yourself and all you're here to create when you know you've found what your soul was looking for.

We may or may not be the right fit to work together beyond this call—that doesn't matter. By the end of it, we'll know. With me, if it's not a "hell yes" then it's a no. Let that be your gauge.

But if you're here now and this is resonating with you, it's time to book this first step.

I have very few open spots for these calls, and even fewer openings for this VIP program—let's chat sooner rather than later.