Expansive Leadership

for conscious, inclusive leaders in transition

Whether you’re up for a promotion, considering a change in position, considering a complete career change, or ready to broaden your leadership horizons in another way—there’s no better time to engage in deep, Soul-centered leadership expansion.

Yes, you can actually revise and expand your leadership framework and know you’re making choices in alignment with who you are at Soul level; the choices that will ensure your greatest fulfillment and success as a holistic leader.

If you’re landing on this page, you’re receiving a personal invitation. Welcome.

As you know, leadership development is an ongoing process; Expansive Leaders understand that the learning is never complete, and there’s always room for growth and development at every level.

As you also know, there are a plethora of programs, books, and tools for leaders to find their way in the world and become the best leader they can be.

If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of those books, taken the personality & leadership assessments, and 360’d so much you’re probably still dizzy.

You know a lot about yourself, your leadership style, and what everyone else says it takes to be a great leader.

And yet—there’s more.

But what if the “more” I’m talking about was actually something that could shift the foundations of your leadership in such a way that everything in your life got an upgrade?

Leadership, of course, isn’t just about how you show up at work, in business, or in your community.

True leadership is about understanding that you are the leader of your entire life—every area, every relationship, every interest, every interaction, every moment of every day.

You co-create those moments and aspects of your life all the time, consciously and subconsciously.

And while there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do that, there are absolutely ways that are more in alignment and less in alignment with how you, a Divine Being, are wired at Soul-level to create and engage with the world around you.

When you choose to align with those aspects of your Soul, you create success and abundance with ease, joy, and flow.

When you choose to do things out of alignment, you create the opposite (or some form of it that feels hard, draining, or overly exhausting).

What if you had your own, personal, unique Blueprint?

You could continue to spend a lifetime trying to find the best ways to do things and more effective ways to create what you Desire. There’s nothing wrong with that; our personal development is, of course, a lifelong practice.

But what if there was a shortcut? What if there was a way to explore your actual Soul’s unique Blueprint for fulfillment, for more free-flowing creativity and innovation, for understanding how you’re innately wired to engage in creation and experiencing your Divinity in this lifetime?

I’m taking three conscious leaders on this pilot journey over the next 60 days. Will you be one of them?

Over the course of this journey, you’ll:

  • Learn to align to your Soul’s Blueprint and be the most effective leader possible, with the least stress

  • Learn your Soul’s energetic makeup and how that influences both how you feel and what you create on a day-to-day basis, and over time

  • Understand how specific aspects of your Soul’s individual, unique Blueprint are designed to create and manifest abundance, success, & fulfillment in this lifetime

  • Understand karmic and past life issues that you’re still engaging with, and that are serving as blocks and restrictions keeping you from creating what you Desire (Is there something you’ve repeatedly struggled with? This could be the key.)

  • Engage in a 21-Day Soul Cleanse to clear energetic blockages and engage in new pattern-setting, consciously, with supportive energy throughout

  • Learn how to consciously align with your Soul in everyday life, work, relationships, and more

  • Understand why some things haven’t worked like you wanted or intended in the past; why other things have; and how to consciously choose the path that will create success by taking action in alignment with your Blueprint

  • Develop or deepen your self-confidence as you ease into the flow of your natural Blueprint and trust who you are at Soul-level and beyond

Ready to sign up?


How does this work?

I’m a metaphysical practitioner, transpersonal coach, and Soul Realignment® practitioner. Soul Realignment® is a modality that allows me to access the Akashic Records and share your Soul-level information with you to assist you in making the best, most informed decisions about your life possible.

You can think of the Akashic Records as a sort of spiritual “Google.” It’s an energetic database the contains all the information about our Souls, choices we’ve made, lives we’ve lived—past, present, and future—and what our Soul is sharing with us and bringing up for clearing and releasing now. Using Soul Realignment®, I access what’s most practical and relevant to share with you now as you consciously create your life in each moment.

This isn’t for everyone; the masses aren’t open to this type of work. But, if any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to follow your inner guidance, rely on your personal path of nonconformance to external judgments, and sign up.

What this looks like

(All sessions and readings take place via Zoom audio conference, either via phone dial-in or web connection through your mobile device or desktop.)

Basic flow (explanations below)

  • Initial Soul Realignment® Reading / Session (90 mins)

  • 21-Day Soul Cleanse / Energy Clearing (short, simple, daily process) + action steps in alignment with our Soul Blueprint

  • Manifesting Blueprint Reading (60 mins)

  • Intuitive Coaching Sessions (2 x 45-mins each)

  • Feedback questionnaire (typed or video responses)

Initial Soul Realignment® Session

We’ll start with an initial Soul Realignment® session (90 mins), where you’ll learn the most important information about how your Soul is comprised, what areas to focus on and lean into when you’re wanting to create something new or different in your life, and how to make decisions in alignment with who you are at Soul level. For some people, parts of this serve as deep confirmation of what they already knew. For others, it serves as a challenge to dig deep and uncover ways they’ve been living in opposition to who they truly are because of societal and other external pressures.

Part of that work involves the other aspect of this initial reading and session, which is uncovering the blocks and restrictions currently active in your Soul’s Akashic Record. This tells you a little bit about how you allowed them to be created, in past lives or present life, and what you can do to acknowledge, release, and shift the pattern consciously.

21-Day Clearing / Soul Cleanse

The initial session is followed by a 21-day, individual process, where you’ll spend about 5-10 mins per day in a simple meditation/clearing process I’ll provide for you. This process provide supportive energy to you as your Records are cleared of what we’ve identified as being out of alignment with your Soul Blueprint. It also gives you an influx of energy and momentum to take new action. Over the course of those 21 days, you’ll also have solid intentions on taking new, specific actions in alignment with your Soul Blueprint.

Intuitive Coaching Session

Between 21-30 days after our initial session, we’ll have a follow-up coaching session where we’ll:

  • debrief your experience

  • coach through any new questions that arose during/after this process

  • check in on your new actions and see what needs to be shifted, upgraded, or released

  • From this new space of alignment, you’ll choose your single most important goal, Desire, or area of life you are committed to creating, shifting, or changing in the following 3-6 months. This could be directly related to your career or professional roles, or something else entirely. Going through the initial process is already a transformative experience, and you may find that things have shifted and altered your perceptions and Desires from the time we began.

Manifesting Blueprint Reading

The following week, you’ll have your Manifesting Blueprint reading, which clarifies and deepens your understanding of your Soul’s energies into specific categories—ways that you’re uniquely designed to experience your Divinity in this (or any) lifetime.

This goes further than your initial reading and incorporates the Universal Law of Polarity; everything is spectral, yet everything is also binary. When you discover where you fall on the spectrums of creation (manifesting), you can laser in on how specifically you’ll create what you Desire—and you’ll also find out why the thing you think you want may be out of alignment with who you are.

We’re all born into these lives and inundanted with messages of what we’re supposed to be, do, and have. Sometimes we take them on whole-heartedly without listening within. A lot of people can still experience great success in the ways they’ve chosen; but it comes at a cost of misalignment and the stress and other physical-emotional-mental-spiritual manifestations that creates.

Learning the specifics of your manifesting blueprint will take your leadership levels, passion, creativity, innovation, and fulfillment to levels you didn’t think possible—with some pretty simple applications and shifts.

Intuitive Coaching Session

Three weeks after your Manifesting Blueprint reading, you’ll get another Intuitive Coaching session, to help keep you aligned with your Blueprint and check in on your progress.


You’ll use the following week-ish to implement and assess your results on different levels before completing your final assessment via online questionnaire, where you’ll be able to respond in text or video format as you desire.


  • Recordings of all calls

  • One (1) 20-minute laser coaching or intuitive guidance session as requested

  • Unlimited email and Voxer support between sessions for quick questions along the way, all responded to within 24-48 hours (M-F).