You’re ready to create something new, to uplevel an aspect of your life, or to be able to create new results without experiencing so much drain in the process.

This is possible—and the degree to which you do this has to do with how aligned you are with who you are at Soul-level, and how you’re uniquely Designed to create and experience your Divinity in this lifetime.

We experience misalignment in our creation/manifestation process in two primary ways:

  • Creating what we want (or some version of it), but feeling totally drained and unfulfilled by it in the process

  • Not being able to create what we want

During this Akashic Records (Manifesting Blueprint) reading, you’ll learn:

  • The unique energetic makeup of your Soul, which helps you uncover your Soul-level natural gifts and strengths. When you choose to approach your life from questions surrounding embodiment of these energies, you can discover why some things haven’t been working and others have—and choose to bring more of your life into alignment with your Soul.

  • Unique ways your Soul is designed to create new experiences in this lifetime.

  • How to consciously align your 3D life with your Soul in one specific area of your life (that you choose)—that you can also apply to your everyday life, work, relationships, career, leadership style and trajectory, and more.

When you align with your Soul, you experience your Divinity in ways you never thought possible.