Media & Entertainment Consulting

Our words, images, and messages surrounding issues of sex, gender, and sexual orientation have great power today.
We choose how we use them, and our choices can result in either:
increased understanding, growth, and progress for all who see and hear
keeping us stuck where we are (at best) or moving us backward.
The second- and third-order effects on minority communities compound from there.

I work with creatives and leaders at all levels to flesh out questions and concerns regarding these nuanced issues that affect every person on our planet, and help them both connect with them in deep, personal levels regardless of their own sex, gender, or sexual orientation, and also learn to speak expansively and inclusively when in dialogue about these universal human issues we are only recently starting to discuss in this way.

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I’ll help you understand the three multi-layered, separate, and distinct spectrums of sex, gender, and sexual orientation, what the appropriate, current terminology is, what the words mean, what we say and don’t say, why, and what to say when you don’t know what to say.


Product Review

Got a film? Show? Script? Radio/podcast story? I’ll review it and provide you with feedback on: the overall feel of the piece from an inclusion perspective; how specific words, phrases, themes, and statements impact the piece; and what you might expect from outside critique.



I’ll do some coaching with you to not only make you feel confident about your work, but make decisions on how you want to shift any of it into even more inclusive spaces without compromising your artistic voice. Why? When we decide to speak most expansively and inclusively about people, everyone wins; people are inspired, society grows, and your work flourishes and is at its best. I’ll help you generate your own words and ideas to fall back on if things get confusing or if you have a misstep you want to correct and prevent for the future.