Queer Relationships Awakening

Attract the right people,
create & experience intimacy, banish loneliness, and
embody the most connected, passionate, magnetic version of yourself


A guided, online training &
group coaching program for
conscious LGBTQIA+ people who’ve got a sordid history with religion and want to experience greater intimacy in relationships

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In a relationship.
It’s complicated.
Broken up.
Open relationship.

Navigating the ins and outs of relationships can suck.

Does it have to be this hard?

Why do I keep attracting the wrong people?

Why is no one emotionally available?

Am I even fully available?

Is it me?

Am I the only one feeling this way?

Am I doing it wrong?

Is what I want even possible in this era of “swipe left,” “swipe right,” “Woof” and “Block”?

What if there was a different way to approach it all?

What you want IS possible—and is out there waiting for you right now, wanting to flow into your life.

What you seek, seeks you.

The only things standing in the way are…

…those things you do to keep them out.

These come in a few different shapes and sizes, but the main thing we have to realize if we’re going to create the change in our relationships and lives we desire, is that

To experience intimacy in the relationships we desire, we have to have an active balance of inner work and outer work—conscious engagement with the people and world around us.

So, Why QRA?

QRA (Queer Relationships Awakening) is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Attract people you’re actually compatible with, who are also emotionally available and ready for you

  • Be confident in exactly who you are and what you offer in relationships, while creating generous room for who you’re Becoming

  • Relax and release stress and anxiety around social and intimate relationships—much of which comes from societal upbringing and influences (religious and otherwise)

  • Communicate authentically and effectively in relationships by deeply connecting with your personal Truth and knowing what that feels like (as opposed to connecting with a “performed” or “conformed” version of yourself that has taken over some areas of your life)

  • Reject the “you complete me” and “my other half” paradigms of relationship and partnerships that are utter BS, knowing:

    • you are complete and whole in and of yourself… and it’s totally normal to want to share your beautiful, fabulous, whole self with another person or people who are and desire the same

  • Discover the core Universal truths behind attraction, dating, relationships, and breakups—enabling you to navigate relationship dynamics effectively

  • Create simple, effective ways to connect with and embody your best self daily

  • Finally start experiencing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformations that have been calling your name

but how do we do that?

It may seem like a tall order—but we can do this. It just requires

a core renovation of our relationship paradigms.

This takes time, intentionality, and support—all of which you’ll have during this 9-week, live online course.

In QRA we transform our spiritual and physical relationship worlds by cultivating a new relationship paradigm based on Universal Law.

With that foundation, we’re able to see things more clearly and objectively as they are in the Universe, so we can:

  • Connect with the Truth of who we really are, our Higher Self, and Source

  • Identify unhelpful thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and paradigms that keep us focused on creating and re-creating that which we don’t actually want

  • Release all those unhelpful things we’ve allowed into our lives

  • Release judgment of self and others, introducing the radical forgiveness that is required for our healing and ability to create something new

  • Consciously choose the new foundations upon which we build our relationships and interact with the world around us


We are spiritual Beings, having very real physical experiences. Engaging both of those aspects of ourselves is vital to becoming the person we want to be in relationship to others.

The experiential program curriculum will help you understand the Universal Laws and how they impact your understanding and experience of yourself, others, intimacy, and the energy you create when you’re in relationship with someone.

The Universal Laws are not bound by any particular tradition; they permeate all we experience in this lifetime and beyond, and their principles can be found in most major religions. All that to say, you can integrate this work into whatever religious tradition you may come from, or apply it to your own unique spiritual path.

During QRA, you’ll engage in regular spiritual practices to connect with your own Higher Self and Source, and start to more regularly and easily tap into the always-flowing current of Source Energy, Universal Life Force, God, or whatever you may call All That Is. Throughout this process, we’ll uncover any unhelpful spiritual beliefs and decide how we want to shift or release them.

Nuts ‘n bolts

Commit a few hours spread across each week, and watch your self and relationship experiences transform.

Throughout the experience, you’ll create these shifts in your life through engaging meaningfully with content such as:

  • Guided meditations for busy schedules ••• regular connection to your Higher Self and Source (even if for short periods) is essential to creating fulfillment in life and relationships

  • Weekly, brief video training ••• learn new skills and principles to enhance your connection to your Higher Self, others, and Source; and translate this transformative inner work into outer results in your relationships and life

  • Weekly journaling prompts and explorative activities to get the energy flowing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually ••• when we allow ourselves to be in flow and uncover our deeper truths, we find concrete ways to take bold, inspired action

  • Weekly group Q&A and coaching ••• celebrate your successes, get some accountability with your activities, and get your questions answered in real time. Opportunities to get live coaching support or listen in as others experience this powerful time of questioning and coaching; sometimes we get our best nuggets and growth when we hear other people asking questions and working through blocks

  • Access to our private Facebook group to engage with other participants in this group-coaching experience ••• be part of a community of conscious relationship-builders who are all as committed to building positive relationships, banishing loneliness, and raising the consciousness of our global community as you are.

  • Mechanisms to track and celebrate your progress and significant discoveries and breakthroughs ••• stay engaged, encourage each other, teach your brain to celebrate your forward momentum in order to attract and create even more of it!

…all this on the way to your best relationship experience possible. Because:

  • if you Desire to be in close, intimate relationship—that perfect relationship potential already exists and is also seeking you. This is Universal Law.

  • you are worthy of and deserving passion, intimacy, and the connection your Soul desires

  • you are a loving, caring, expansive Being, and our world is ready and desiring to experience more of that, just as you’re ready to share and receive the same

  • you are fully empowered to create the relationships and intimacy you want, and the Universe constantly conspires for your greatest good in every way

  • loneliness and intimacy are actually two opposite experiences of the same energy; learning to release judgment about our experience of loneliness will amplify our ability to see, choose, and connect with intimacy

This program will give you the tools to identify, articulate, and act powerfully on those Soul-level Desires, starting from the inside and working powerfully outward as you transform your relationship experiences.

Ready? Let’s do this.

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