Queer Relationships Renovation

partners edition

Congratulations! You’re doing the “relationship” thing with another person (or persons—poly friends, you are more than welcome here!), and you all want to be a part of this experience—who wouldn’t?!

First thing’s first: don’t get hung up on the word “partners”—whether you’re recently dating, married, or have been together forever, we all have different words to describe those with whom we’ve chosen to be in intimate relationship. Whatever words you use are perfect as long as you feel they support you. For this program, we’ll either use “partner” or “S.O.” [Significant Other(s)].

What’s different about the
QRR • Partners Edition?

You’ll get all the same content, training, and experiences, plus you’ll have some special Q&A and partnership-related activities to explore with your S.O. just for those of you currently navigating relationships.

And, when you purchase your initial paid program, I’m offering a 75% off code for your S.O.

Having a membership for each person does a couple of things:

• gets each of you access to the community Facebook group for your own unique interactions with the content and community there.

• gets each of you your own shared document and folder space with Stan for individualized feedback in addition to feedback on your joint work together.

• and of course, it helps me out as I invest a lot of time and energy into giving you the best feedback and guided experience possible within the group.

Those currently in intimate, romantic, and/or sexual relationships have different needs than those currently riding solo.

This is true—and also not.

Part of the work here will be in helping you understand that those support needs are actually pretty similar; many of the same principles and ideas apply, whether you’re currently engaged in relationship or not.

I’ll help you continue to build and solidify those foundations, while helping you with your current-relationship-centric questions and processes along the way.

Once you purchase your initial program, the thank-you message will pop up and include the coupon code for additional purchases for your S.O.; you’ll also receive this via email. Note that the enrollment deadlines are based on when you actually purchase the program, so be sure to get their enrollment in ASAP to get the discount off of the current rate.

Bonus Savings — register now!

Flash Sale (December 28th-30th);
($300 savings)
Individual Soul Path & Purpose Clarity Session (20 mins.)

Super Earlybird (December 31, 2018 - January 6, 2019):
$247 ($250 savings)

Earlybird (January 7 - January 13, 2019):
$297 ($200 savings)

Full Rate (Register by January 20, 2019):

Live program runs January 21 - March 24, 2019, with a Bonus Kickstarter week starting January 14th.

After your first purchased membership, you can enroll your partner(s) and/or significant other(s) at a 75% off rate—you’ll see the coupon code on the confirmation screen, and it will be in your confirmation email. Discount rate is based on the current investment amount (see above) when you purchase, so don’t delay!

QRR • PE (Queer Relationships Renovation • Partner Edition) is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Be confident in who you are and who you’re Becoming, individually and in relationship

  • Relax and release any lingering stress and anxiety around social and intimate relationships, creating practices for more ease-ful journeying together

  • Communicate authentically and effectively in relationships, agreeing to see and mirror your best selves in every situation

  • Reject the “you complete me” and “my other half” paradigms of relationship and partnerships that are utter bullshit, knowing:

    • you are complete and whole in and of yourself… and it’s totally normal to want to share your beautiful, fabulous, whole self with another person who does the same … ultimately co-creating something wonderful together

  • Discover the root-level, core Universal truths behind attraction, relationship dynamics, and personal growth—enabling you to navigate relationships more effectively

  • Create simple, effective ways to connect with and embody your best self daily, and facilitate an environment for your S.O. to do the same

  • Finally start experiencing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformations that have been calling your name