•  Relationship Pilot  •

People ask and say things like this to me all the time:

“What’s dating like for you where you live?”

“How do you find the right people?" or "I seem to attract all the wrong people.”

“I’m tired of dating.”

“There’s not a single person I’m interested in going out with, but I’d really like to have a relationship.”

“I’m in a relationship right now, but I don’t know if I’m really feeling it any more—should we break up?”

“Am I settling?”

“Is what I want realistic?” 

People—there are solutions.

If you have a Real, Soul Desire to be in an intimate relationship, that means the opportunity is there for you to have it. You wouldn’t have a Desire like that without the opportunity being available. Sometimes, thought, we need some external help in identifying what’s keeping us apart from what we want. 

There are lots of factors—how well we do or don’t know our Real Self and what we Really, truly want; old paradigms and ways of thinking that we thought we ditched long ago, but still serve as default settings sometimes; old beliefs about ourselves, others, relationships, our place in the world, etc., that don’t align with our Real values and who we Really Are.

The great news is, all this is solvable, and you can be totally on your way to the relationships you want, as soon as you decide. It does take some work—some intentional opening up of your mind and spirit, willingness to listen to your Real Self, willingness to identify what needs to be let go—and then let it go; and an openness and commitment to trying some new ways of thinking and Being that are more in alignment with who you Really Are than those pesky, old default settings you’ve been operating on for so long because they’re just habit and a part of your brain tells you, “Eh, it’s easier, we know how this works—might as well stick with it.”

If you’re ready to move beyond this, I might have your solution: https://goo.gl/WzpJH6

I’m inviting only THREE (3) people into this first 7-week iteration, so click this link and apply for your 40-minute Discovery Session, where I’ll do some coaching with you and we’ll both see if we might be a good fit for each other in this first iteration. (Space is extremely limited for these!)

We’ll spend the first big chunk working on the most important relationship in our lives: the one we have with ourselves.

Digging in, learning some of the buried truths about our Real Self, learning to practice meditation in a way that doesn’t drive you bonkers (there *is* a way to approach it that can be easy and simple if you allow it to be). Or if you’re already a meditation pro, we’ll build upon your current practice and see how we can amplify it. 

Then, we’ll switch to examining some of your beliefs, attitudes, and paradigms surrounding your relationships with other people. 

We shift our self toward our Real Self first, and then from that space of alignment we’ll re-examine how we interact with other people: friends, romantic, and other intimate relationships.


By the end of the seven weeks, you’ll: 

•  Have a hell of a lot clearer picture of who you are in terms of Self and relationships with others

•  How your Self-concept largely dictates the kinds of interactions you have with other people

•  The one thing you have to stop doing if you want to find the relationship you Desire

•  What’s worked and not worked for you in the past in relationships

•  Why it did/didn’t work

•  What you actually, REALLY want in your relationships (letting go of the external expectations)

•  Finally be open to allowing in the intimacy in relationships you Desire


Finding truly complementary relationships with which to fill our lives is a key factor to our overall health, wellness, happiness, fulfillment, and quality of life. Let’s do this.

Complete the short application in the link below and book your complimentary, 40-minute Discovery Session, where we’ll chat, I’ll do some coaching with you, and we’ll get a feel for how we might work together and whether you’ll be one of the lucky three to get in on this pilot run before the investment level goes up to normal rates.

Here’s that link: https://goo.gl/WzpJH6