you're doing it. creating, building, being, becoming, getting vulnerable and authentic, creating a new life for yourself.

And sometimes, life throws you curveballs. Maybe all at once; maybe a series of curveballs that find us scratching our heads, looking back, and wondering what the hell happened.

Sometimes we find ourselves buried under such a pile of shit that it seems really hard to get out.

And sometimes that pile of shit include financial problems.

I’ve been in those shoes, and so many others.

If you’re looking at this secret link, it means a couple of things:

  • We’ve connected and I believe in you—in what you’re working through, overcoming, and creating through this process.

  • I have an opening in my Super Secret PWYW Program, and I’m inviting you to step in.

As part of my mission to help facilitate the unleashing of unlimited, transformational creativity, passion, and art around the world, I am opening a handful of spots for this exclusive program catered to creative Beings just like you—who are ready to make a change and are fully committed to self-development and to unleashing all that they are and are here to create, and who agree to show up 100% to this work—mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually—and who I believe are fun and inspiring for me to work with.

If this is you (I already believe it is, or I wouldn't have sent you this link), click below. There's a suggested range of price points, and also a blank line for you to totally PWYW (Pay What You Want) in this moment.

You've been invited to this exclusive program for a reason—I think you fit the bill for what I mentioned above—and you will get 100% of my time and energy when you show up, regardless of the amount you pay or how often you decide to book a session (but I do suggest that we have a minimum of two or three sessions per month in order to actively build and maintain momentum and make this as effective as possible).

Remember, I specifically invited you because I believe you're a fit—I believe in you and what you're doing, and I'm looking forward to supporting you in your creative journey.

If you have friends you think would also be a good fit for this program, please connect them with me via email or my website (don't share this page with them), and have them mention that you sent them to me.

Like I said, I only have a limited number of these openings I can offer at one time—and I may, at any time, decide I can no longer support this program—so processes leading up to this invitation are vital to helping us determine whether this program would be a good fit for both of us (coach and client). It's all on a person-by-person basis.

I only want to work with the people I'm meant to work with; if it's not a fit, that means there's another great coach out there who they're supposed to be matched up with.

Just to reiterate, this is a session-by-session commitment for both of us; this program and agreement can go away at any time.

You book these one session at a time (a maximum of three at a time, all to be used within a 30-day period maximum). If something happens and I need to shift how I’m running this program, I will do my best to accommodate any remaining sessions, or refund you a prorated amount based on what you paid and what session(s) were not conducted. Again, I don’t plan to do that, but just in case.

And if either of us feel like it's not working, or it completely fulfilled its purpose and it's time to move on, then we'll just let the other person know. I want to ensure I manage the number of people I create space for in this program.

Let's do it:

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