Speaking & Training

Sex, Gender, & Sexuality. 
Creativity. Spirituality.
Nonconformance as a Way of Being.

Stan thrives on platform and loves engaging audiences of all sizes and scopes (previous audiences include the F.B.I., U.S. military, NASA, and spiritual communities) with educational, entertaining talks and workshops that captivate participants, inviting introspection and genuine growth. He is an experienced coach and speaker with certifications in training, small group facilitation, equal opportunity practice, mediation, and more.


Gender, Sex, & Sexuality

As a genderqueer and gay person who is also a U.S. Army combat veteran who had a religious upbringing in fundamentalist Christianity, Stan has a ton of life experience and stories to share that help audiences reimagine life through different lenses and find out what happens when worlds collide. There are myriad ways we deal with these "collisions" (big and small), and some are more productive than others. What happens when we take the time to hold up some of our common assumptions and biases and follow them to their logical conclusions—including those we may not see in our own lives? Understanding the effects of our assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors on people who are "other" to us can help transform not just the way we understand others, but the way we understand ourselves and the creative possibilities we're not yet tapping into in all aspects of our professional and personal lives.


Nonconformance, Career, and the Workplace

How do we bring our full, nonconformant Selves to the workplace—when it's a place where a certain degree of conformance is expected? How do we enable the people on our teams to use all the best parts of their individual creativity and expression while maintaining the organizational culture and climate we desire? What do we do when organizational and individual values are in conflict?

How can we create spaces in our communities, organizations, and leadership teams for our creatives—and everyone—to truly operate in their creative strengths and thrive? What happens when we realize that everything we do is "creation"—and creative?


Spirituality & Religion

Religious and faith communities are one of the primary agents of socialization for a lot of us. How do our religious beliefs support or harm us? What if we're wrong? What happens when a person is confronted with professional requirements for diversity and inclusion that go against their strongly-held religious beliefs? How do these questions and discussions affect organizational culture and climate? Where do we go from here?

Stan shares aspects of his journey from his upbringing in fundamentalist and other non-affirming Christian churches, serving in various leadership positions in different churches, through coming out as gay, reconciling his faith and sexuality, serving in the military during Don't Ask, Don't Tell and after its repeal, and later serving as an Equal Opportunity Advisor in the U.S. military where these questions have been on the forefront (especially during consideration and implementation of the Transgender Open Service policy). It all comes together with practical leadership and coaching tools that help us get to the single part of our worldview that is at the root of all these questions.

Stan is also a professional metaphysical practitioner and ordained metaphysical minister through the International Metaphysics Ministry (I.M.M.). He *loves* speaking to religious congregations and faith communities, too!