Spiritual Renovation Session

Photo by  Dennis Rochel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dennis Rochel on Unsplash

Spiritual baggage.

Damaging religious upbringing.

Some of us have more than others.

If you’re in that place of searching, of introspection, of perhaps being frustrated with the load of crap you were given spiritually, but knowing you can’t just walk away from spirituality all together—

—you’re in the right place.

As an intuitive coach, metaphysical practitioner, and spiritual mentor, Stan uses his skills to powerfully help clients shift out of unsupportive spiritual dogma (and all the second- and third-order effects that has, even after you’ve decided to walk away)—and into fully supportive, holistic spiritual practices in ways that effect every area of life—relationships, self-confidence and identity, career, purpose and creativity, self expression, as well as mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

If you’re ready to show up powerfully with openness, rawness, and honest, so you can

• release old stuff that no longer works for or supports you

• consciously open yourself to new, supportive, revitalizing experiences of spirituality

• consciously choose practices and support systems that complement who you are innately as a Soul—incarnated into this lifetime for distinct purposes, experiences, and lessons

• radically change the trajectory of your life, if you so desire

…you’re in the right place. Book your complimentary Spiritual Renovation Session below.

What you can expect:

We’ll hop on a Zoom video call for about 50 minutes, where:

• we’ll discuss your spiritual history and life a bit

• I’ll guide you through a meditation + soul connection exercise

• I’ll help you unearth some of the root sources of conflict or stuckness in your spirituality—it’s not always what you think—and help you clearly articulate what you’re looking for

• I’ll provide you with some metaphysical support and potential next steps for helping you create supportive containers for you current place of spiritual growth and development