90-Day VIP Coaching Package (1:1)

It's time! Finally get the traction and momentum you've been craving on all we discussed.

You are the creator and designer of your life—and the way to creating the most fulfilling version of your life possible is by discovering and aligning with your Highest Self, purposes for this lifetime, and your connection to Source. This is best and most speedily accomplished by partnering with a skilled, intuitive coach and metaphysical practitioner (like Stan) who can help you co-create the most purposeful, fulfilling, compelling partnership with the Universe you ever thought imaginable.

The time is now — you're ready to get clear and specific about what's working and what's not; take decisive, effective action to make the cuts and additions you want to make; and set out to create the life you truly desire—starting with the spiritual and working outward into the tangibly physical—with fearless intentionality.

Before your first session, you'll complete a starting-point intake questionnaire to get a reading on where you are in different areas of your life so we have some starting points and can gauge progress.

Always on your agenda, during our time together we’ll:

* create uniquely supportive spiritual practices for your soul type and current season of life—practices that will energize and propel you forward into physical embodiment of your purpose

* identify your Soul and self desires, the "why" behind them, and make conscious choices on what you want to continue to energize, amplify, adopt as new desires, or release

* uncover and release the barriers keeping you from embodying your Soul Desires and achieving your goals

* create and take action steps each day and week that create positive momentum on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes

* decide how you want to continue to define and design your life from your newfound states of momentum, accomplishment, purpose, and vitality

We'll do this through:

* Twelve (12) weekly one-on-one (1:1) coaching sessions via Zoom over a 90-day period, where we will engage in practices that align and affirm your connection to Higher Self and Source; create inspired action plans; coach through any barriers to releasing what no longer serves you and embodying your higher self and soul vision; celebrate your accomplishments and create even more momentum moving into your desired direction

BONUS: Just as an additional support mechanisms, I offer unlimited email and texting between sessions for checkins and questions, with responses usually pretty quick (but always within 48 hours).

I look forward to joining you in this new chapter of your story!

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